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Tescom SA services the ever-growing demand for clean emergency power. Our Head Office is situated in Longmeadow Business Park West, Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The company offers power protection products on a turnkey basis to a wide range of industries such as I.T., Telecommunications, Access and Process Control, Emergency Lighting, Medical Equipment and Banking.

We are the Southern African agents for the TESCOM UPS product range which offers power solutions up to 1 MVA. There are various product offerings from cost effective line interactive systems to professional user high power on-line systems.

Since load shedding in 2008, we have developed a comprehensive range of extended battery time UPS focusing on rapid recharge time and high reliability.

Our countrywide service department employs factory trained technicians and we offer 24/7 SLA’s where required.

Our spares holding is second to none with a guarantee on the professional ranges to carry spares for 10 years after the discontinuation of product lines.

The Tescom range of UPS systems has been supplied to the Southern African continent for over 15 years and we offer warranties ranging from 1 year to 2 years, model dependant.

Tescom SA, while only registered in 2016 has within its management team a wealth of experience in the power back up field and the company currently employs 42 people.

The company has one of the largest UPS stock inventories in Africa as well as associated spares.

Tescom “Test A.S.” UPS Introduction

Testing bays in Turkey

Test A.S formerly known as Tümel Elektronik located in Izmir-Turkey is an independently owned corporation, offering a wide range of power protection products and services to a wide spectrum of industries and sectors.

During the establishment years the company was manufacturing electronic control devices and inverters, then in 1986 when the IT sector started developing rapidly, Test A.S. sensed the great need for clean, uninterruptible power and started designing and manufacturing Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

As well as an extensive standard UPS range, Test A.S. also offers a variety of other products such as static transfer switch (STS), frequency and voltage converters, inverters and rectifiers under its registered trademark “Tescom”.

Highest Standards, With Flexibility

Today all Tescom branded power protection products are manufactured by a group of almost 20 greatly experienced engineers and a staff of over 180 people.

One of the greatest advantages of Test A.S. has always been flexibility, which means they do not only offer standard products.

Thanks to their highly experienced R&D team they also design and manufacture products according to customer requirements.

Test A.S. has always made widespread use of the latest developments and technologies in manufacturing, which complies with all the necessary International standards and norms. All these past years of experience, have led to over 100,000 manufactured power protection products which have been delivered to customers in more than 40 countries on 4 continents

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