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Product strength
We base our product strength on the ability to provide low total cost of ownership, simple, eco-friendly products, and quality customer service.

Higher cost efficiency through lower total cost of ownership(TCO):
Our core business proposition is to deliver real value to users – by bringing down the total cost of ownership (TCO). Since we are backed by the advantages of full industrial chains and the strength of printer consumables manufacturing, we can offer at least 20% lower TCO than our competitors. Furthermore, the longer life cycles of our products, plus their stable and reliable performance brings down the maintenance costs. In addition, we offer high-capacity consumables for all our product models that further reduce the cost per page (CPP) for our customers.

Simple and reliable products:
A large part of a core philosophy is built around products that provide an easy printing experience for our consumers. Through careful design and rigorous testing, we ensure low maintenance, user-friendly products that deliver value and efficiency without sacrificing quality.
Our machines work inexhaustibly without any malfunction and last longer in the harshest of circumstances. Today, hundreds of our products are doing their jobs in environments like garages, airports, refrigerated rooms, scorching construction sites, oil drilling pads, and heavy chemical production lines, while ordinary office equipment are often scrapped in several months.

Eco-friendly design:
Keeping in sync with the ever-increasing worldwide attention to 'green and eco-friendly' concerns, we work towards optimizing our printer designs. We ensure low carbon emissions and have a toner powder that generates 11% lower waste. The leading one-component contact imaging technology (OCCI) produces less waste toner and less environment pollution during the imaging process.
The traditional corona charging has been abandoned and replaced with a contact PCR (Primary Charge Roller) to reduce the amount of harmful ozone. Although such a design change increases manufacturing cost, it lowers the harm to the environment.

Emphasis on customer service:
We aim to provide our customers with considerate service to address any doubts or concerns they might have. We value our relationships with our customers and do our utmost to ensure complete satisfaction.

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