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Evolving from Seiko - best known as one of the world?s foremost watchmakers - to our current position at the forefront of digital imaging technology, we have always remained true our roots.

During the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, groundbreaking new Seiko electronic timing equipment was used for the first time, enabling race results to be printed out. Shortly after this innovation, Epson was formed. The ?Epson? name was derived from the idea of the company being the offspring (?SON?) of the EP-101, the world?s smallest electronic printer (EP).

Epson Europe BV was established in Amsterdam during 1990, and became the European headquarters of Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation. Since then, our network has continued to expand throughout Europe, Middle-East, Russia and Africa, meeting the particular needs of our customers in their own local markets.

Today, we offer an extensive array of award-winning products for the consumer, business, government, medical, finance and retail markets across the world.

We also make innovative electronic devices such as factory automation robots, which can be found operating in warehouses globally.

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