Computer and electronics dust filters fit over the air intakes of your equipment, with a built-in magnetic frame. They are designed to fit onto computer cases, and need no special screws or skills to attach.

Dust buildup inside your computer case is one of the main reasons it gets sluggish, or the components fail, as dust prevents proper cooling. Proper cleaning is very important.

Dust is by far the main cause of PC and other electronic hardware malfunctions and failures. In fact, it’s proved to cause more than 70% of all hardware performance issues -  directly or indirectly. Why does this happen?

Computer users usually do maintenance on their computer software, such as antiviruses – but often neglect the hardware. These components need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly.

LG Electronics has introduced the new LG OLED TV 4K model range in South Africa. The LG OLED TV 4K represents a giant leap forward in television technology, both in terms of design and performance.