The Secret to a Healthy Computer

Computer users usually do maintenance on their computer software, such as antiviruses – but often neglect the hardware. These components need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly.

What Causes Your Computer To Slow Down?

The build-up of dust is one of the reasons why a computer slows down, and its components start to fail. The reason for this is that dust prevents proper cooling of the components within the computer case. This compromises not only the computer functioning, but its lifespan as well.

Cooler-running computers use less energy and are thus eco-friendlier than other types. If you run a host of computers and peripheral devices, the savings made on your power bill may be more than expected if calculated over a long time period.

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How Can You Make Your Computer Work Faster?

Magnetic computer dust filters are designed to keep dust from entering your computer case. It’s easy to fit and clean these filters.

When considering fitting dust filters to your computer to protect it, there are several factors to consider and a few questions that should be asked.

  • What is the filter's ability to stop dust effectively without negatively influencing airflow?
  • How easy is the filter to fit?
  • How easy is the filter to clean? This might have to be daily, depending on its location
  • Is the filter reusable?
  • Is the filter able to be used on any shape and size air intake (fanned or unfanned) and on uneven surfaces?
  • Is there a warning system to remind the user when to clean the filter?

To maximise the airflow-to-dust caught ratio, the filters only have one thin layer of filtering mesh. Therefore, the airflow receives less resistance, and there is less turbulence than with any other material used in computer air filters. Harmful dust and debris is blocked, while high airflow and supply is maintained to cool the system.

 What Other Advantages Do Electronics Dust Filters Have?

Computer and electronics dust fan filters are extremely easy to use. You do not need tools, screws or glue to fit and maintain these filters - they fit your computer case by way of a built-in magnetic frame.

The frame ensures that these filters can be easily fitted anywhere on the case, not necessarily just where fans are situated. They can be just as easily removed, cleaned and refitted.

For PC dust filters to work to their full potential, they must be cleaned. These filters are easy to clean, as they can be removed and wiped off by hand or with a soft brush.

The filter material used in dust filters is a high-precision, medical-grade synthetic mesh. The openings in the mesh are all the same size, to ensure that all particles above 100 micron and bigger are kept out. Foam filters, on the other hand, have random sized openings that will let through dust particles of various sizes.

Mesh dust filters have a low-profile one-piece design that is meant to be unobtrusive. The extremely durable mesh is available in black or white, depending on your preference. It can be washed with warm water and soap as it gets dirty over time.

As computer and electronics cases are so different, we can make them in any size shape or colour. The filters can be made in any configuration, like 2x120mm or 3x 80mm, or any other custom configuration you might need. The filters are flexible, and can be fitted to uneven surfaces without any problem.

Computer air filters not only protect your PC and other electronic equipment, but help to make our planet a better place. Cooler running components are more energy efficient – so not only will your computer work faster over longer periods, but it will use less energy.

Tons of electronic components end up in incinerators and landfills each year. This waste often contains substances that are toxic to the environment. Using these dust filters will extend the lifespan of all the components inside your computer’s case, and this will result in keeping cyber waste down.