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Computer Gadgets

Friday, 05 August 2016 17:24

Thermaltake Core X9 Snow Edition

The Core X9 Snow is an E-ATX cube case offering endless stackable capacity and expandability for enthusiasts to create massive liquid cooling systems, utilize as a file server as well as accommodate dual systems. Users can customize the chassis for the best viewing presentation with an interchangeable window and I/O panel design. The Core X9 Snow delivers outstanding cooling performance with compatibility for extensive DIY/AIO LCS and overclocking components, further enhancing the reputation that the air-cooling units of this series has become renowned for. It is guaranteed to be an immensely powerful system!

Friday, 05 August 2016 17:22

MSI Z170A MPower Gaming

The unique silver themed motherboards are built based on the critically acclaimed and award-winning TITANIUM concept, introduced first in the motherboard industry by MSI in 2015. The Z170A MPOWER GAMING TITANIUM features an all new design for its solid plated heatsinks and covers in full silver color and is inspired by the latest military and spacecraft technologies. One of the best and most eye-catching new additions is the Steel Armor TITANIUM backplate. Besides looking indestructible, the TITANIUM armored backplate strengthens the board so you can use the biggest and heaviest graphics cards and CPU coolers available. At the same time, the stainless alloy plate protects the back of the motherboard against possible harm as well.

Friday, 05 August 2016 17:19

Huntkey X7 1000 Power Supply

The ultra-efficient design found within the X7 1000 generates minimal heat and runs exceptionally quiet, even when delivering high levels of power. The PSUs meet the stringent requirements for 80 PLUS Bronze certification by achieving up to 85 percent energy efficiency at typical load - reducing both energy waste and the electrical bill. Built with specially selected low-noise Japanese capacitors and solid CAPS, and latest Synchronous Rectification & DC-DC Module technology, the X7 1000 PSU delivers ultra-low noise operation during palying games.Moreover, a smart 120mm fluid dynamic bearing fan runs quietly for longer PSV lifetime

Friday, 05 August 2016 17:14


ICT environment today requires continuous improvement of data processing capability. Waves of new technology including cloud computing and big data analytic's are asking for higher-density, better-performing memory.SK hynix DDR4 SDRAM is the optimal solution for these demands. Equipped with higher bandwidth and greater reliability, our DDR4 products provide supreme performance for servers and PCs of various specifications.As performances improve, energy costs increasingly becomes an issue that cannot be overlooked. SK hynix’s low power technology solves this issue with better energy efficiency.

Wednesday, 03 August 2016 08:39

Computer Problems

Sunday, 27 September 2015 19:37

UPS Product Overview

Tescom UPS Product Overview

A UPS is designed to provide protection from very short duration power loss; say from a few thousandths of a second up to fifteen minutes or so. The UPS does this by inserting itself into the path of power between the source and the load, and depending on the quality of power, acts to augment or filter that power to provide the best possible source profile to the load. The source monitoring, augmenting and filtering (collectively called “conditioning”) are all accomplished in different ways by different UPS topologies.

Here are the products in our six different ranges:

Sunday, 27 September 2015 19:29

Corporate UPS Solution

Corporate UPS Solutions

Corporations and large companies are the lifeblood of our economy and, very often, the gatekeepers to essential utilities and facilities for citizens. Corporations are generally responsible for large undertakings of work, and are relied upon by many to deliver services and products on a large scale.

Sunday, 27 September 2015 19:27

SME UPS Solution

SME UPS Solutions

A small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) is a corporation whose employee numbers fall under a certain margin. Small to medium-sized enterprises are thriving in South Africa, as the spirit of entrepreneurship takes centre stage in the country’s corporate world.
Sunday, 27 September 2015 19:25

SOHO UPS Solution

SOHO UPS Solutions

Small or Home Offices (SOHO) are often beacons of efficiency for clients who need urgent work completed. As a small business owner, you’re proud of your quick turn-around times and flexibility to respond to clients’ needs. Your client base knows that you are dependable and unfettered by corporate red tape, and they appreciate your ability to timeously meet deadlines.
Sunday, 27 September 2015 19:18

Home UPS Solution

Home UPS Solutions

Our modern lives are thoroughly dependent on the availability of electricity. Whether we are at work or at play, electricity is the lifeblood that enables us to live and perform the daily tasks necessary for a happy and fulfilling life.

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