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How to Register on the website

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How to Register?

Step 1: Click on My Account. Search for the menu, Don't have an account, or you can click here - Registration.

Step 2: Fill in all the required spaces that is marked with a * and click on Register.

Step 3: Open your e-mail program, a mail wil be send to you.

Step 4: To activate your account, click on the link from the email you received or copy and paste the link into your browser.

Step 5: This will take you to the Computer Gadgets website.

Step 6: Sign in using the Username and Password you received in the confirmation e-mail.

Step 7: Happy Shopping.
Wednesday, 25 July 2018 09:04

Computer Dust Problems

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Dust is by far the main cause of PC and other electronic hardware malfunctions and failures as it has been proved to be the cause of more than 70% of all hardware performance issues. Be it directly or indirectly.

Most computers are designed to use a combination of vents and cooling fans to keep the internal components operating a safe temperature. While dust on the outside of your computer case can’t cause much damage, once dust is drawn into those vents they can begin to clog. When the vents clog the fans must work harder to maintain a safe temperature. Additionally, dust that settles on the inside of your computer has unwanted insulating properties and can blocking proper airflow. Like any mechanical part, the harder those internal cooling fans work the faster they will break. If the fans are unable to maintain a safe temperature, other parts of your computer like the memory, processor or power supply can overheat and stop working correctly.

Friday, 27 July 2018 10:07

The Secret to a Healthy Computer

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The Secret ????

The build-up of dust is one of the reasons why a computer goes slow, and components start to fail. The reason for this is that it prevents prober cooling of the components within the computer case.

The magnetic computer dust filters are designed to keep dust from entering your computer case, because it stops dust from entering the case it optimizes your computers performance and expands its life span. It is easy to fit and clean these filters.

Computer users usually do some maintenance on computers when it comes to software such as antiviruses, but the same can not be said about the hardware components of computers. The components of a computer are upgraded from time to time, but it is very much neglected to keep those components working efficiently.

Thursday, 02 August 2018 12:54

Cleaning Your Filters and Computers

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Then considering using Computer Dust Filters, one should clean the computer first to get rid of any dust build-up that is already within the computer. Dust build up inside your computer case is one of the main reasons why it gets sluggish and components fail as this prevents the proper cooling of it's components. These magnetic dust filters are designed to stop dust getting inside your computer case, so it can operate as it did when it was new. Preventing dust entering the case will not only optimize your computer (or any other electronic device's) performance but maximize its life span. 

Friday, 03 August 2018 12:41

How To ?????

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How to choose the correct Filter?

With a built-in magnetic frame, Computer and Electronic dust filters fits over the air intakes of your electronic or computer equipment. It is designed to fit onto computer cases and needs no special screws or skills to attach.

The intake vents we refer to are the grills or ventilation holes in your computer's case where cooling air enters the case. Some of these vents may have fans mounted behind it to direct the airflow in any specific direction and others are unfanned. To determine which vents are intakes, it is suggested to make use of a sheet of paper. With the computer or electronic unit switched on and running, loosely hold a sheet of thin paper in front of every vent opening or grill. If the sheet moves closer to the case, and gets sucked against it, then you would know that this vent is an intake vent and needs to be filtered. Choose the filters that would best cover the openings.

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